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Talvala is a speech analytics company. We use Baidu’s Deep Speech technology and machine learning for compliance surveillance and human/machine interfaces.

We never stopped listening to our clients’ needs which is what makes our products great.

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What We Do


Applied Speech Analytics

We develop speech-based monitoring applications and human machine interfaces (“HMI”) for a wide variety of clients. We believe that the time is ripe for voice-based HMIs!

Talvala Surveillance

Talvala Surveillance is our compliance monitoring product and combines an advanced speech-to-text transcription engine with alerts generation for a revolutionary 2-in-1 surveillance speech analytics solution.


Our R&D Unit develops customized human/machine interfaces for clients in the field of robotics or internet-of-things and looking to take human voice as an input.

What Makes It Great


Talvala’s speech solutions integrate Baidu’s “Deep Speech” with sequencing algorithms and neural networks machine learning for world-class results.


Surveillance solutions are priced at a flat license fee per year regardless of the amount of data. We won’t charge per minute, or word-count or data size..! Pricing for our bespoke solutions depends on requirements, but we pride ourselves in offering the best at competitive rates.

Cutting-edge Integration

Our priority is responding to the client’s needs. We strive to best address the client’s functional needs by using the latest technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Talvala Surveillance – a compliance surveillance software with transcription and case management tool – click to access, get in touch for login and password!

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